$ 15.00

An ode to companionship because it sure feels like we all could use some good folks to walk alongside these days.

Shipping starts July 9th

Here's what to expect inside the new issue:

  • Feature on Denali, the moving film by Ben Moon
  • Life in Pairs photo story by Gordon Nicholas
  • An essay on the brotherhood of John Muir and Joseph LeConte
  • Interview with the band Local Natives
  • A high stakes alpinist story by Chris Brinlee Jr.
  • An essay about classic explorers Martin and Osa Johnson
  • A powerful essay on chronic pain by Ben Stubbington
  • Interview with BFF's Jacqueline Suskin and Shelby Duncan
  • An original essay on symbiosis by Jedidiah Jenkins
  • Interview with Mark Inglis the toughest kiwi you haven't heard of
  • And much more...